Sunday, March 13, 2011

MRT Route Sg Buloh - Kajang | Latest & Official

Latest and Official MRT Route from Sg Buloh to Kajang  has been reveal. Found it on KVMRT website. Click to enlarge the picture.

MRT Route Sg Buloh - Kajang

Here's a summary on the MRT Route Sg Buloh - Kajang on the pictuce above
1) Length : 51km ( 41.5 elevated, 9.5 underground)
2) # Station: 35 ( 27 elevated, 8 underground)
3) 13 station has the Park and Ride Facility

Good to know this especially when you plan to buy property

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  1. useful n benefitial. tq

  2. Access to the MRT route is crucial if you're building a commercial property.

  3. @anon -welcome

    @p b p - sama2

    @s o f r - same goes to those who want to buy the existing property


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