Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SPA Signing for Symphony Park Cyberjaya.

I've cancel my deposit for the project, but still, i wanted to see the progress of the project from time to time. So far, there's a SPA signing for the project. According to the lawyer everything is in place for the SPA signing. Wishing all the best luck of the purchaser. As for me i cant wait for another 36 month for the completion of the project, now i'm considering my option to a subsale property.

Anyway, on 17th april 2012 i have a meeting at cyberjaya, manage to check out the latest progress of the constuction site and the show house. so here the picture that i've snap.

there's a unit left accoding to the developer

further info:

for discussion on the project:

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  1. Cik Mat, berapa la reganya dia ni...adeh...umah kalau kat Shah Alam kat Klang ni da melambung2

  2. harga rm120k above, but baca dulu forum yg saya share kt atas. ramai orang bercerita yg projek tu agak boleh diragui

  3. please advice me the process of refunding the downpayment


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